Yellow Gorse

Therapeutic Reed Diffuser

A blend of pure natural aromatherapy oils to uplift, de-stress, calm & restore or energise & aid concentration. (Depending on which blend you choose). 

The aroma will subtly permeate the surrounding air.

This natural reed diffuser comes in a box with 5 reeds. 

Open bottle and place up to 3 reeds into the liquid depending on how strong you wish the aroma to be.  

Flip reeds over after one hour and thereafter occasionally to refresh. 

Reed diffuser should last up to 3 months.

Warning :  Place diffuser out of reach from children and pets.  Place where won't be knocked over.  May cause staining if spilled.  Place away from sunlight and from any heat source.

Keep away from eyes or mucous membranes.  If this product should come into contact with either, gently wipe over area with olive oil, (or use any oil that can be consumed).  If irritation persists, see doctor. 


100ml  contained in a 200 ml bottle.