Exfoliating Body Brush


Natural wooden brush with soft bristles. Use to exfoliate & gently massage the skin.

Stimulates circulation & removes dead skin cells promoting smoother skin.

How to use: 

* Starting at feet and ankles, gently brush your skin using upward strokes. 

* Use gentle circular motions for stomach, sides and under arms. 

* For your arms, begin brushing at your hands with upward sweeps toward your shoulders.

* Avoid brushing any sore, irritated, inflamed or sunburned areas. Focus on brushing healthy skin.

* When finished, hop in the shower or rinse skin with water and pat dry. Apply a nourishing body oil or lotion. Store brush in a clean, dry place.

* Aim for 2-3 quick, invigorating dry brushing sessions per week to reveal glowing, healthy-looking skin from head to toe.

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