At Yellow Gorse, we are passionate about creating remedies to help you to ease the stress of life, bringing about balance and calm to your day.

We believe that you should take the time to nourish and nurture your mind, body and soul, embracing mindfulness. Whether that be a whole evening or a five minute moment of relaxation. 

Hopefully, our creations can help you do just that.

All of our Yellow Gorse products are thoughtfully created, curated, and proudly made on the Isle of Purbeck in small batches.

We strongly believe that working in synergy with Mother Earth is best, so we use natural, synthetic-free ingredients, organic & local wherever possible. It's important to us to always be ethical, animal and especially human friendly. 

In addition to our Yellow Gorse products, we also responsibly and ethically source many other items for the home to help you create a mindful sanctuary that nurtures your health and well-being. 

We are fortunate to be located on the Isle of Purbeck. It's hard not to be constantly inspired and energised by the wind-swept beauty of the Jurassic coast, the rugged cliffs, unique quintessential rolling hills and the atmospheric forests with the abundance of wild foraged foods available throughout the seasons.

It certainly owns it's reputation as an area of outstanding natural beauty. The colours, aromas, carpets of wildflowers, herbs, and blossoms clinging to cliff edges, sprouting from nooks and crannies are simply delightful. Not to mention the cheerful Yellow Gorse bushes that fervently grow around the encapsulating, magical countryside. We are truly blessed. 

We hope to pass on, a sprinkling of this joie de vivre to you, in our health & well-being creations. 
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