Mini De-Stress Aroma Diffuser


We have made our much loved DE-STRESS blend of Patchouli, Geranium & Frankincense into a mini diffuser, a convenient travel size also perfect for a small spaces like smaller bedrooms & bathrooms. 

A blend of all natural therapeutic plant oils. Supplied with natural reeds. 

How to use this mini diffuser: 

Place mini diffuser reeds into the bottle, leave for an hour for the reeds to become saturated with the oils, then flip over.  Flip over occasionally thereafter to refresh. 

30ml contained in a glass bottle plus 3 reeds nestled in a gift box.


Take care not to place where can easily be knocked over, away from children and pets. 

If product should come into contact with skin, wipe off with vegetable oil and wash off with soap and water. Do not place near sunlight or radiator. If contents are swallowed contact a doctor immediately. 



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