Facial Exfoliating Brush


Natural bristle brush suitable for facial wet or dry skin brushing.

Benefits of wet or dry face brushing:-

Speeds up cell rejuvenation by boosting circulation, brightening your complexion.
Gives you softer smoother skin by removing dead skin.
Prevents clogged pores which can leads to blackheads & breakouts.
How to use:


Dry skin brushing:

  • To achieve a glowing complexion, clean & dry face. Make sure brush is dry & clean.
  • Gently rub the dry brush over your face in small circular upward movements, focus on the areas where your skin is the driest. Avoid the skin around your eyes where it is fragile & thin.
  • When finished, rinse skin with cold water, dry & apply moisturiser. 

Wet skin brushing:

  • Wet brush and apply a small amount of cleanser to face & neck.
  • Moving the brush in small circular upward movements with a gentle pressure, cleanse your face from your neck to the hair line, avoiding the fragile eye area.
  • Apply just the right amount of pressure to give your skin a workout without making it sore.
  • After brushing rinse and dry your face.


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